Customer Policy


Bluejestic is a multinational e-commerce platform where you purchase products directly from sellers around the world.  We are here when you need us. Please read below to find out more about your rights and expectations as a customer.

Bluejestic’s goal is to exceed customer expectations. We want to ensure that you have a good buying experience, are satisfied and continue to shop with Bluejestic.

Each seller on Bluejestic has its own shop and shipping policies.


Bluejestic Messaging Tool


The Bluejestic “Messaging Tool” has been designed to allow direct communication with sellers.  It is a great way to answer customer-related inquiries about purchases. 

The messaging tool cannot be used for the following activities:

  1. Contacting someone after they have asked you not to;
  2. Sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations, or spam to customers or other sellers; or
  3. Harassing or abusing another customer or seller.

 If you are experiencing spam or unsolicited requests via the messaging tool, please email us at

 Using the Bluejestic messaging tool to harass other members or customers is strictly prohibited. 


Communications with Bluejestic


For all communications made to or with Bluejestic, including but not limited to feedback, questions, comments, suggestions and so forth: (1) you will have no right to confidentiality in your communications and Bluejestic will have no obligation to protect your communications from disclosure; and (2) If legally necessary, Bluejestic will be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute your communication to others without limitation.

Communicating and/or performing transactions with sellers outside of the Bluejestic platform is prohibited.  


If you receive any communication that violates this policy, please contact us immediately.

Communicating with Sellers


Contact the seller if your purchase was not as described in the item description or if the item was not delivered. You can contact the seller directly from your account history page. Locate the transaction and use the link to "Send seller a message".. Your message will automatically have your order number and delivery tracking information referenced.

The following are examples of non-delivery cases:

  1. There is no delivery tracking proof of the item.
  2. An item was not sent to the address provided during the purchase.

If it is determined that an item is not as described, the seller will be required to refund the order. You can also work out a solution that is agreeable to both you and the seller. Sellers take pride in ensuring that you a positive buying experience and will make efforts to provide a resolution. In the event that you and the customer cannot reach a resolution, please contact us.


The seller ships directly to you via the shipping method provided on the item description. Bluejestic does not keep item inventory, nor do we facilitate the shipping of items.


Leaving an item review


By leaving a review on Bluejestic you are enhancing the customer experience for other users on the platform. The review option is only available for purchased items. Reviews, star ratings, and photographs of your purchase can be done within 30 days. 

By leaving a review, you acknowledge that your content may not:

  1. Include personally identifiable information;
  2. Include content that is illegal, abusive, threatening, defamatory, harassing, obscene, immoral, vulgar, false, deceptive, misleading or in violation of someone else’s privacy;
  3. Violate our Anti-Discrimination Policy;
  4. Violate our Privacy Policy;
  5. Contain items listed on our prohibited items list;
  6. Contain advertising or spam;
  7. Concern things outside the seller’s control, such as natural disasters, shipping carrier, Bluejestic, or a third party;
  8. Contain threats or extortion; or
  9. Compromise the integrity of the reviews system.

Photographs uploaded on the Bluejestic website must be photographs that you own or have rights or permission to use.

Bluejestic reserves the right to remove reviews or content related to a review that violate our policies or Terms of Use


Requesting a Cancellation


Orders can be canceled if not shipped within 7 days.  If your order has not been shipped within this timeframe, contact us immediately.